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Dez 2014

Six new SVHCs added to the REACH Candidate List and one entry updated

On 17, Dez 2014 | In News, REACH | By Alisa Maier

REACH: 800px-Flag_of_Europe_svgToday, six new SVHCs have been added to the REACH Candidate List by ECHA; and one existing entry has been updated.

Cadmium fluoride and cadmium sulphate are added to the Candidate List as being “Carcinogenic”, “Mutagenic”, “Toxic for reproduction” and are also identified as being of „Equivalent level of concern based on probable serious effects to human health“ (specifically due to the effects on kidney and bone).

Two benzotriazole substances (UV-320 and UV-328) are identified as being “persistent bioaccumulative and toxic and very persistent and very bioaccumulative (PBT/vPvB)”.

Two further substances, DOTE and the reaction mass of DOTE and MOTE are identified as being “Toxic for reproduction”.

The Member State Committee also unanimously agreed that bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) meets the criteria for identification as an SVHC under Article 57(f) due to its endocrine disrupting properties causing probable serious effects to the environment. As DEHP is already included in the Candidate List based on its toxic for reproduction properties, this entry will be updated to address the additional reason for inclusion.

As DEHP is already listed in the Authorisation List (Annex XIV), companies that were initially exempt from the authorisation requirement may, in the future, be subject to authorisation. However, before this could happen, the European Commission would need to amend the corresponding entry for DEHP in the Authorisation List.