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Dez 2014

WEEE Regulations in UK – Classification of Dual Use Equipment will Change

On 18, Dez 2014 | In News, WEEE | By Alisa Maier

UKFollowing the new WEEE Regulations in UK, beginning with January 1, 2016, any electrical and electronic equipment which can be used by both households as well as business users (‘dual use’) has to be classified as household equipment (B2C).

For producers whose electrical and electronic equipment is re-classified as B2C this means:

• Producers will have to provide the sales data in accordance with the new classifications beginning with January 1, 2015. This is required in order to calculate the obligations for 2016.

• Since the invoicing for the volumes put on the market in 2015 takes place in 2016, producers might have to face an additional B2C financial obligation up from January 2016.

• Producers need to change registration with the Environment Agency. This has to be done prior to the data submission for the first quarter of 2015.