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Jan 2016

Register for copyright levy obligations in Germany

On 28, Jan 2016 | In Copyright Levies, News @en | By Alisa Maier

GermanyA new register for companies who have to pay copyright levies for mobile phones, computer and storage media will be established in Germany. Yet it is going to be even more powerful as only compliant companies are listed in a so-called “white list”. Vice versa, not mentioned companies are pilloried for not paying copyright levies (appropriately). The responsible collecting society ZPÜ will publish (here) all names and addresses of companies fulfilling their obligations.

For a long time collecting societies were accused for not covering the bulk of the market for recordable electronic products and storage media. Hence, many companies are not reporting sales figures and are not paying established tariffs. Apparently this is true.

However, according to the tariff agreement for mobile phones and tablets from December 2015, collecting societies can now assert their claims (by contract) comprehensively. The “white list” is accompanied by well-directed research, e. g. in the manufacturer register for take-back obligations of WEEE. Other EU Member States like France and Poland approach in a similar vein. In Switzerland there is even a so-called “black list” in the environmental sector.

We are happy to explain all regulation resulting from the new general agreements for copyright levies in Germany. Feel free to contact us: info@1cc-consulting.com