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On 01, Jun 2021 | In | By Alisa Maier

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Supporting your company’s EcoDesign strategy

One key indicator to assess the environmental side of electronics is the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). Along the entire life cycle of a product, climate-relevant impacts arise in the form of greenhouse gas emissions. Through PCF a company can identify, analyze and reduce, or even better, avoid these impacts. As an outcome, products can actively be improved throughout their entire life cycle.
We offer consulting and environmental compliance services to manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipment (EEE). We are aiming at a holistic approach in achieving a sustainable solution that goes beyond mere compliance requirements.

In order to provide guidance on the calculation of PCF indicators we offer services for

Eco Design strategy: Reduction of Carbon Footprint (PCF)
  • Evaluation of the carbon footprint of your EEE (CFP) according to ISO 14067
  • Calculation of the partial carbon footprint of your EEE possible
  • Third party review of 1cc-studies through renowned partners
  • Consultancy on demand

Are you prepared to fulfil your obligations as a manufacturer or first distributor?

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Reduce Carbon Footprint of electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) (ISO 14067)