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On 26, May 2021 | In | By Alisa Maier

Transborder Shipment of Waste WEE icon

Essential to get the Circular Economy moving

Putting the principle of the Circular Economy into action requires the physical flow of end-of-life material to state-of-the-art recovery facilities. However, such are not yet available in all countries. Moreover, producers increasingly prefer to repair or dismantle products of their own brands in specialized recycling facilities. For this end, e-waste and repair goods need to be shipped across borders.
Such reverse logistics procedures have to comply with international regulations on transboundary movement of waste, such as the multi-lateral Basel Convention or the European Regulation No. 1013/20106 on shipment of waste.

We offer services for

Shipping of waste across borders_ reverse logistics
  • up-to-date, multi-country database of waste shipment legislation
  • guidance on waste classification (non-hazardous vs. hazardous)
  • guidance on required shipment procedures (green-listed waste vs. amber-listed waste)
  • assessments of constraints of waste shipment regulations on national and international level
  • practical support in preparing and filing notification packages to competent authorities
  • identification of options and optimization potential of reverse flows of products / material for recycling

Are you prepared to fulfil your obligations as a manufacturer or first distributor?

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Transborder Shipment of Waste as part of the extended producer responsibility (EPR)