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On 08, Jan 2014 | In | By admin

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What role copyrights play for your products

Although hardly realized in public, manufacturers, importers and online vendors of IT/CE devices and storage media are subject to paying copyright levies on the basis of the European directive 2001/29/EG. In contrast to other product-related compliance legislations, CL rules show vivid dynamics and numerous changes in the many countries where they have been implemented. Reasons are ongoing tariff-negotiations, pending law suits and technological changes with impacts on functions and tariffs.
Our services yield an overview of the diverse legal situations within the European Union and beyond. We analyze your situation individually and offer a far-reaching takeover of your compliance efforts.

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With regard to CL obligations we offer services for

Copyright Levies_devices and storage media
  • Information on all aspects of the topic, identification of your individual obligations and options within sales or distribution channels
  • Regulatory monitoring and alert services on legislative changes, tariffs, industry agreements, law suits
  • Rate Card with all applicable tariffs and tariff calculations for all products and all countries, continuously updated
  • Portfolio Check in order to identify product categories and applicable tariffs
  • Registration, handling of transaction services, data management, regular (POM) reporting, product mapping, check of invoices and payment, conclusion of contract, communication with authorities

Are you prepared to fulfil your obligations as a manufacturer or first distributor?

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