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On 01, Jun 2021 | In | By Alisa Maier

Green Public Procurement

The path to orders from public administration

Green public procurement (GPP) defines criteria of sustainability as a prerequisite to being considered as a supplier, a preference for products manufactured under environmentally and socially appropriate standards. The idea of GPP is the assumption that the purchasing power of public administration is likely to have an impact on the product design of electrical and electronic devices.
Since 2008, the EU has been working on criteria for sustainable procurement of individual product families, among them computers and monitors (with revised criteria published in March 2021) and imaging equipment (new criteria since 2020). EU member states have set up both voluntary and obligatory demands in their national legislations.
With regard to GPP, we offer services for

  • Research of legislation and environmental criteria for electrical and electronic products
  • Information on demands for product design like new environmental and energy labels as well as reparability, recyclability, longevity and availability of spare parts
  • Information on substance restrictions in electrical and electronic devices
  • Life-cycle assessments of your products, i.e. an evaluation of costs during the whole life-cycle, including end-of-life costs