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Compliance Check

Compliance check: Finding individual solutions

Compliance with legal requirements for environmental characteristics of a product, which range from substance bans and energy consumption to the take-back of waste electrical and electronic equipment, is a complex task. This is why producers should regularly check whether their obligations have changed and whether they need to adapt their processes. This could also lead to cost savings. 1cc supports this process with the following services:

  • Evaluation of sales models and products to identify actual legal obligations
  • Evaluation of service providers, such as recycling companies, disposal systems, test laboratories, certification authorities and possible alternatives
  • Examination as to whether legally binding take-back solutions for waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and packaging can be combined with voluntary solutions
  • Evaluation of quantity reports (e.g. which categories are used, weights definitions, etc.)
  • Examination as to whether due diligence has been complied with, particularly in terms of obligations that apply to the supply chain (e.g. REACH, RoHS)