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On 08, Jan 2014 | In | By admin

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State-of-the-art assessment, re-use, and recycling of batteries

Ever-increasing employment of power supplies turns environmental compatibility of batteries and accumulators into a more and more ardent topic. Since a few years, everyone’s use of electronic devices, computers, mobile and smart phones, as wells as tablets have been complemented by e-bikes and storage of energy from photo voltaic systems, all of this increasing the effort of producers, importers and vendors for reuse and recycling of batteries and accumulators. Additionally, there are still other issues like storage and transport of risk-laden products like lithium batteries.
In its present version (directive 2013/56/EU), the EU batteries directive gives clear guidance for the obligations of producers and launching parties.

With respect to batteries, we offer services for

  • Comprehensive information on legal obligations
  • Evaluating your individual situation as a company as well as your obligations for your products
  • A compliance check of your present process
  • Your operational tasks like registrations with authorities, links to take-back schemes, reporting of sales data, consulting for information and labelling obligations, evaluation of cost-saving potential
  • Audit of waste battery-related invoices
  • Support of audits by national authorities
  • Development of an individual solution for industry batteries according to legal rules

Are you prepared to fulfil your obligations as a manufacturer or first distributor?

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