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How to manage qualities and risks of chemicals

The EU REACH Regulation of 2006 intends to protect human health and the environment from the risks associated with the manufacturing, use and disposal of chemicals. REACH applies to all chemical substances from consumer to industrial usage and includes chemicals used in numerous industries like IT, automotive, and manufacturing. As a consequence, the regulation impacts the majority of companies across the EU. Through adequate control of chemicals throughout their complete life-cycle, REACH aims to mitigate the risks associated with their use.

1cc services to SCIP

We offer services for

EU REACH Regulation of 2006_lifecycle of chemicals
  • Identification of a company’s product scope and product compliance process including an audit of your in-house due diligence processes
  • Translation of the requirements set by the Regulation to the customer-specific product portfolio
  • Gap analysis including evaluation of the actual analysis on the customer side
  • Setup of a procedure for company due diligence process, risk management of your suppliers, of materials, components and systems
  • Support in the supply chain communication obligation (Article 33), including data collection on behalf of customer
  • Expertise and support in identifying articles including SVHC calculation
  • Consultancy on demand
  • Legal monitoring

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