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Copyright Levies


Aug 2014

Additional Copyright Levies with regard to Streaming Services?

On 01, Aug 2014 | In Copyright Levies, News | By Alisa Maier

Mann_anLaptop Streaming services for video and audio have come in the focus of EU authorities in terms of copyright levies. EU authorities want to generate additional revenue for streaming services. 1cc has recently examined in    detail what kind of claims relating to streaming and cloud services are being discussed.

Although the new streaming services require an access device like PC, Tablet or Smartphone, it usually does no longer result in a private copy: Streaming enables listening to music and watching videos without buying the music clip or the video as a file (download) and/or as hardcopy on a CD, DVD, etc.

But instead of adapting the existing levy systems or reducing the levies because less private copies will arise, thoughts of EU bodies and French socialist government, for instance, are moving in a completely different direction. Recent reports consider to apply taxation to further devices and to charge digital services in addition. This open question will be part of future negotiations with the rightholder organisations.