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Sep 2017

WEEE Directive: Open Scope Coming in 2018

On 20, Sep 2017 | In News @en, WEEE | By Alisa Maier

Businesses affected by the WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU will face a considerable update in the near future: starting from August 15, 2018, all EEE in scope of the Directive has to be classified according to the so called ‘open scope’.

Firstly, the 10 current EEE categories will be replaced by the six new categories listed in Annex III of the WEEE Directive. From the open scope period onwards, any equipment that falls under the definition of EEE as set out in Article 3 (1) (a) is in scope.

Secondly, several national compliance schemes and authorities in various EU countries are already working on a new structure. This new structure will consequently affect:

• Registration categories (i.e. registration adjustments needed)
• Declaration categories (i.e. several sub-categories)
• Price lists of compliance schemes

As we know from today, various requirements exist in the different EU Member States. Thus, the complexity for producers fulfilling their WEEE obligations will remain in the future, since no harmonization (i.e. several sub-categories) is expected among the different national compliance schemes.

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