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Mar 2016

WEEE: Debate About the Planned Treatment Ordinance

On 24, Mar 2016 | In News @en, WEEE | By Alisa Maier

ESchrottSammlung3_quadrCompared to the German ElectroG of 2005, the revised ElectroG foresees important changes. One difference refers to the fact that according to §§ 11 and 24 governments are empowered to establish more detailed legal requirements via ordinances.

Based on § 24 ElectroG and asked by the Federal Environmental Ministry, the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) kicked off the preparatory work for a so-called treatment ordinance. For doing so, UBA organized a working committee and four working groups. Stakeholders such as the Federal Environmental and the Federal Ministry for economic affairs, representatives of the German Bundesländer, the associations of the municipalities, industry associations and representatives of the academia were invited to join them.

It is the political objective of the new treatment ordinance to establish requirements for the treatment of WEEE aiming at improving the recuperation of critical secondary raw material such as rare earth metals and the withdrawal of harmful substances. The first draft of the treatment ordinance shall be available within the next 12 to 18 months.

We will keep you updated about this new legislation Project.