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Sep 2015

WEEE: Changes in EAR Category 5 – B2C Lighting Equipment

On 29, Sep 2015 | In News @en, WEEE | By Alisa Maier

LED grün_kleinIn the light of the upcoming German ElektroG2, Stiftung EAR has adapted the types of equipment that fall under Category 5 for Lighting Equipment:

Type of equipment 5.1.1 “Gas discharge lamps, for the use in private households” remains unchanged.

Completely new is type of equipment 5.1.2. “Lamps, except gas discharge lamps, for the use in private households”. LED lamps e.g. will fall under this new type of equipment.

Luminaires with exchangeable light sources have been added to type of equipment 5.2. “Luminaires and devices for the dispersion of light for the use in private households”. Luminaires with non-exchangeable, fixed light sources remain in this type of equipment. 

Companies who need a different or additional registration, have to inform Stiftung EAR within a period of three months after the new ElektroG2 has entered into force. 1cc will support you with the necessary support and services.

For more information please contact info@1cc-consulting.com.