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May 2020

Sweden – EEE Producers Located Outside Sweden To Pay Chemical Tax In The Future

On 20, May 2020 | In News @en | By Alisa Maier

In Sweden, producers of Electric- and Electronic Equipment (EEE) are obligated to pay a so-called chemical tax for products containing certain chemicals that are often used in flame-retardants.

The main purpose of Sweden’s chemical tax is to reduce such chemicals in the environment and to encourage producers to substitute them.

Starting from 2017 only manufacturers or importers of in-scope EEE located in Sweden have been obligated to pay the chemical tax. The Swedish government, however, strives to include producers located outside Sweden in the chemical tax legislation as well, so that such producers would also have to pay the chemical tax. A respective law has been proposed and is expected to enter into force in October 2020.

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