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Mar 2012

Successful business trips to Asia and America

On 30, Mar 2012 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

An increasing number of customers are requesting Legal Tracking Services for Asia and Latin America. Reason enough for Hans-Jochen Lückefett and Michael Krug (Managing Directors of K&L) to take off for two business trips to America as well as to Asia.

Together with Armin Kienle (Managing Director of 1WEEE Services) Hans-Jochen Lückefett visited several Asian countries, among them China. Beside interesting meetings, the two companies agreed with the Second Polytechnic University of Shanghai to establish a subject “compliance” in the curriculum of the alma mater. The mother company of 1WEEE, TechProtect, has been cooperating since a couple of years with the University in the area of recycling. The University has agreed to help both companies to establish their services in Asia. The local presence is guaranteed by two offices of the company group in Shanghai and Singapore. The company group’s office in Latin America is situated in Mexico.

Hans-Jochen Lückefett during his Asia Business Trip

After fruitful business meetings in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Michael Krug journeyed onwards to Las Vegas in the US, in order to participate in the conference of the Reverse Logistics Association. In his presentation, he focused on the question how manufacturers and retailers could handle the growing complexity of legislation in the area of waste and product related environmental protection. A panel discussion after the presentation, moderated by Michael Krug, was of great interest for the audience. Representatives of Hewlett-Packard, Philips and Walmart explained how their companies proceed on the way to global compliance. Conclusion: None of the companies researches all necessary data or undertakes all necessary steps on its own. There is still a high demand for professional service providers.