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Mar 2018

Spain: New Categories already Applicable for Q1 2018 WEEE Reporting

On 19, Mar 2018 | In News @en, WEEE | By Alisa Maier

The latest changes to the Royal Decree 110/2015 in Spain will enter into force on August 15, 2018.

However, new categories and sub-categories will be applicable for reporting as early as April 2018. Consequently, producers are required to submit the 1st quarter data report for the 7 new categories, as well (currently there are 10 categories).

The so-called ‘open scope’ is an important innovation in that the legal scope encompasses all electrical and electronic equipment.

Moreover, as of August 2018 new devices will be added to the scope:

-sensors, electric switches, electrical motors and generators

-print consumables, such as cartridges and toners that contain electronic or electric parts


All these devices will have to be declared, without exceptions.

We highly recommend that you pay close attention to the new criteria relative to the external product dimensions, where a distinction is made between small and large equipment with an edge length of more or less than 50 cm (see the attachment from EWRN)

The following points are especially important:

  1. Are there any additional products that you have not yet registered?
  2. Is an additional registration necessary? (based on the new product-dimensions criteria)

We would be pleased to place our expertise at your convenience and support you with the next necessary steps (i.e. additional registration, notification of request/correction of category).

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@1cc-consulting.com.