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Mar 2019

RoHS: Are you ready for “RoHS-III” and “open scope” coming up July 22, 2019?

On 20, Mar 2019 | In News @en, RoHS | By Alisa Maier

Many companies will soon be confronted with two major changes in the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. By July 22, 2019, Annex II of the directive will be broadened to ten substances. The following four phthalates will be added to the list of restricted substances and their use will be restricted to a maximum concentration of 0,1% in homogeneous material: .

  • Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP)
  • Butylbenzylphthalate (BBP)
  • Dibutylphthalate (DBP)
  • Diisobutylphthalate (DIBP)

This change was implemented by Directive (EU) 2015/863 on June 4, 2015. The amendment, which is often referred to as “RoHS III”, will affect all electrical and electronic equipment. The compliance deadline is set for July 21, 2021 for medical devices and (industrial) monitoring and control instruments, only.

In addition, the so-called open scope will apply as of 22 July 2019. This implies that all electrical and electronic equipment will be covered by the directive’s scope (exclusions remain unchanged).

We would be happy to answer your queries regarding compliance to the RoHS Directive. Please contact us at contact@1cc-consulting.com