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Feb 2012

Phthalate decrease on the European market

On 08, Feb 2012 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

One aim of the European Chemicals Legislation REACH is, to collect information about chemicals on the European market, wheather as substances itself or in mixtures or articles. Besides the evaluation of new hazard potential of chemicals, also chemicals, known to be dangerous for humans and the environment shall be reduced or banned from the market.

As Phthalates (plasticicers) are known to have serious impacts and are toxic for reproduction, some of them are already restricted to be used in toys and childcare articles in a concentration > 0,1 mass%. (REACH Annex XVII)

But on a quite regular basis, non-compliant toys, mostly imported from Asia, are detected by national authorities. Toys with phatalates in a concentration > 30 % are found. Using the RAPEX (The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products), European memberstates cooperate and inform each other about those products and the measures that were taken in order to solve the situation. The information of the RAPEX is open to consumers:


Besides toys and childcare articles, also other products shall be restricted by the REACH regulation. A current consultation evaluates the restriction of Phatales in any article intended for use indoors and articles that may come into direct contact with the skin or mucous membranes.


Comments can be submitted by stakeholders until March 16, 2012.