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Jul 2015

OECD Study on nanomaterials completed – only France has specific regulation so far

On 20, Jul 2015 | In News @en, REACH | By Alisa Maier

Nano_green_FreeDigphotosNanomaterials are more and more used in cosmetics, pharmaceutics, paint and further products. The OECD has now completed a 7-year study on nanomaterials. The new findings shall be included into the current test-guidelines for nanomaterials.

In the EU, nanomaterials are in general covered by the REACH and CLP regulation; however they are not regulated in a special way. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is already examining if separate rules are necessary for protection of the potential hazards of nanomaterials. Right now, ECHA has called on registrants to update their registration dossiers with the newly available information.

French regulation on nanomaterials
France has a specific regulation on registration and notification for nanomaterials since 2013. Manufacturers, Importers and distributors have to notify nanomaterials in an annual volume above 100 g to the agency in charge, ANSES.

France is expecting further EU-member states to follow the lead and specifies countries like Italy, Belgium and Denmark. Most information on the regulation is only available in French, so companies that seek help for a notification in France are invited to contact 1cc.