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Nov 2014

North Africa: Revisions in Existing Copyright Levy Systems

On 24, Nov 2014 | In Copyright Levies, News @en | By Alisa Maier

NorthAfrica_Algeria_Marocco_TunesiaCopyright levy systems are definitely not solely a European matter. Many other countries worldwide have implemented very similar systems which must be adapted from time to time to the technical and social developments. An example for important and recent changes in Northern African countries are Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria:

• Algeria thoroughly revised the scope of levied products, amended the tariffs, changed some methods of calculating the levy, i.e. for Mobile Phones, and finally published the new list in June 2014. The scope of levied products has been substantially expanded, now covering Gaming Consoles, Tablets, Memory Cards and USB keys with larger capacities. In addition, product definitions were changed for devices such as MP3/4 players and TVs.

• Morocco published an amendment to the copyright law in June 2014 which deals specifically with the compensation for private copying. The amendment furthermore defines the responsibilities of local producers and importers of audio and audiovisual equipment. A committee within the Moroccan collecting society has been appointed to issue a list of products that will be levied. This new list is already prepared and is expected to be published within the new Financial Law of the year 2015.

• Tunisia has a remuneration system in place since 2011, with the same functions as the European Copyright Levy systems, however under a different name: Promote Creation. The levies are integrated in the customs system, and the list of levied products is currently under revision.