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Oct 2012

New Eco-design regulation for household tumble driers

On 12, Oct 2012 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

Quelle: ® Thommy Weiss / PIXELIO - www.pixelio.de

The most eco-friendly method of laundry drying is probably the one shown in the picture. As not everybody within the EU has access to this lovely alp, the EU commission has published the regulation (EU) 932/2012 on eco-design requirements for household tumble driers today. It shall apply from 1 November 2013.

The new specific eco-design requirements however will have to be implemented within two steps until 1 November 2014 and first November 2015. The regulation sets maximum figures for an energy efficiency index in Annex I and II of the regulation. In addition, the CE marking is required in order to proof compliance with the purposes of this regulation.

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