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Oct 2019

More sustainability for household appliances

On 21, Oct 2019 | In News @en | By Alisa Maier

At the beginning of October, the European Commission adopted new ecodesign measures for some product groups, among others electronic displays (including televisions), light sources and external power suppliers. The novelty of this set of ecodesign requirements consists in its valuable contribution to circular economy objectives. Thus, for the first time the ecodesign requirements also cover the matters of products reparability and recyclability. For example, promoting reparability, in practical terms, means increasing the lifespan of the equipment, which can be made possible through increasing the availability of spare parts over longer time periods after the purchase of appliances.

The newly adopted measures (combined with the energy labels adopted in March) are expected to save as much as 167 TWh of energy per year by the year 2030, which in its turn equals to a CO2 reduction of over 46 million tons, possibly saving consumers €150 per year on average.

More information at: https://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-19-5895_en.htm