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Feb 2011

K&L offers REACH service packages for SMEs

On 18, Feb 2011 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

Within the REACH schedule, many SMEs are expected for the 2013 registration period. For those companies, K&L offers a special registration service package.
In general, SMEs do not necessarily have the expertise, capacity, required data and studies for an individual registration. In order to effectively fulfill their registration obligations, they need a quick, secure and cost-saving registration path by e.g. joining a Lead registration.
The K&L Joint registration package for SMEs comprises

– an introductory presentation on REACH and
– the evaluation of obligations in a first meeting
– communication with the Lead registrant and the authorities
– generation of the Technical Dossier
– generation of the Chemical safety Report
– final submission of the registration

Additional services, if required and necessary are offered in line with the services. Further service packages e.g. for substances in articles are available, too.
This service is suitable for companies with no or a few data and studies that need to register as a joint registrant and are looking for a quick and cost-effective solution for their registration obligations.