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Sep 2012

ECHA publishes additional information from registration dossiers soon

On 06, Sep 2012 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

Based on a re-interpretation of the scope of article 119 REACH, further information from the registration dossiers will be published on ECHA’s website (European Chemicals Agency) and the registration database from November 2012.

The additional information will be:

•    Name of company (out of REACH –IT)
•    Registration number
•    Generic exposure potential
•    Whether a CSA was performed
•    Name, address and phone number of  the contact person
_ responsible for the safety data sheet
•    PBT assessment

Companies who have not claimed confidentiality for their dossier yet can upload an updated registration dossier until October 31 including confidentiality claims.

Dossiers submitted by Only Representatives (OR) have several options, which entities will be shown in the database (OR, Importer).

For acceptance by ECHA, the claims have to be well justified and a fee has to be paid.