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Aug 2012

Corrigendum of RoHS directive, German Version

On 06, Aug 2012 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

On August 4, article 15 of the German version of the RoHS directive 2011/65/EU was corrected.

Before the correction, article 15, German Version, offered the possibility to either affix the CE mark to the packaging OR to accompanying documents in case that it is not possible on the device.

This mistake has now been corrected and the word “OR” has been changed into “AND” and therefore is in accordance with the English Version.

Although it is just one word, this little change has already consequences as the first draft of the implementation into German national legislation was based on this text.

As the national legislation of the RoHS directive has to be implemented until January 2, 2013 there is still enough time left for correction of the draft, too.