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Aug 2012

Copyright Levy legislations – a dynamic field

On 22, Aug 2012 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

K&L’s copyright levies consulting services are based on a comprehensive and up-to-date database of legal provisions in 71 countries worldwide. In our database we compile all relevant data, including also special topics and requirements like reporting procedure, professional use, export, refunding of levies and many more. We continuously monitor any development of Copyright Levies and are one of the first ones to learn about changes. As product innovations and new technologies constantly demand these changes and adjustments of national regulations, it is indispensable to stay on track at any time.

Have a look at our blog from 27 April 2012 “Many changes in European Copyright Levy legislation”, where we introduced our empirical survey. Within K&L’s database over a period of less than 18 months from 2010-2011 – nearly 800 single line items changed. This number refers to either an amendment of tariff (new and/or higher tariff), a new product categorization, a new calculation basis for tariffing, or even to the fact that a tariff has been abolished. Apart from the recently analysed and focused EU-countries, there have been also many amendments of copyright levies in Non-EU countries.