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Copyright levies in other countries – a look outside the box

On 26, Feb 2016 | In Events | By Alisa Maier

In cooperation with industry association Bitkom, 1cc GmbH is offering a webinar series with respect to copyright levies legislation in Europe.

Wolfram Kühn, Senior Consultant at 1cc GmbH, will provide an insight into the multifaceted and complex matter of copyright levies in selected countries.

Dates and Time:

• 22 March 2016, 10:30 CET

Sign up at Bitkom Akademie: Copyright levies in other countries – a look outside the box

These live online webinar series will be held in English. Participation is free. However, the number of participants in each webinar will be limited.

Partially extreme high levies are claimed in most EU-Countries from manufacturers, importers and retailers for every computer, tablet, printer, hard disk, memory card and smartphone sold. The list of levied products is growing steadily. Obligations of manufacturers, importers and retailers are quite complex and different across countries. However, international companies have to be aware of their liabilities wherever they do business. They have to meet formal obligations, consider correct amount of levies within their pricing and adjust their marketing. Cross-border trade makes one thing compulsory: Information, preferably independently checked, comprehensive, up-to-date and reliable.

The live online webinar from BITKOM and 1cc is meant to discuss the following topics for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom:
• Legal requirements for liability
• Process to determine levies
• Concerned products, amount of levies, development of tariffs
• Liability for direct cross-border trade (distance selling)
• Current developments