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CES 2014: Technology Trends and Regulatory Requirements

On 28, Jan 2014 | In Events, News @en | By Alisa Maier

This year 1cc was present with its own booth at CES in Las Vegas, accompanied by its partner TechProtect GmbH. The booth was part of the German industry representation, the German Pavilion at Las Vegas Hotel. It was intensely frequented by U.S., Asian and international trade show visitors and by the exhibitors of the Show, looking for advice in environmental and copyright legislation when exporting their products to the European markets. As CES is the world’s leading convention for consumer electronics and home appliances, most exhibitors and visitors have to deal with the numerous challenges set by particular issues of private copying levies, take-back of waste electric and electronic equipment and/or substance bans. Accordingly, the main topics of conversation were the current WEEE- and RoHS recasts and the highly controversial matter of copyright levies on TVs, Tablets, Mobile Phones and Hard Disks in Europe; this topic is by no means unknown in the United States, only the levies are not as high as in European countries and the overall scope is comparatively narrow.

1cc is looking back on four successful days at CES and is looking forward to new interesting projects with American companies. For further information on our consulting and compliance services contact compliance@1cc-consulting.com.