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Nov 2012

CE marking for RoHS II

On 07, Nov 2012 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

The RoHS II legislation is just around the corner. In order to be compliant when the legislation, i.e. the national transpositions enters into force, most companies have already started or even finished the implementation of the new requirements of RoHS II legislation.

But there is one requirement that companies have to wait until January 3: The CE marking for RoHS II.

Based on the regulation 765/2008, the CE marking is only allowed on products when the specific legislation applies. Although the RoHS II directive was already published in 2011, it does not apply to manufacturers of EEE yet as the directive is addressed to the member states. The national transpositions then will require the CE marking including the declaration of conformity for RoHS II.

As most devices carry the CE marking anyway (for proof of compliance with other EU directives), there is no change of the marking. However, the directive 2011/65/EU shall not be included in the declaration of conformity before January 3, 2013.