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Copyright Levies


Dec 2014

Austria: Copyright Levies System still under discussion

On 08, Dec 2014 | In Copyright Levies, News @en | By Alisa Maier

Although an official bill amending the Austrian Copyright Act has been presented to the Parliament at the end of November, the design of the current copyright levies system is still unclear: The new bill does not include the awaited updates, i. e. it does not include hard disks and further IT-equipment to be levied. The first draft of the law contained this information.

It may seem as if the plans of a reform of the copyright levies have been abolished, but this is not the case. The collecting societies as well as industry associations inform that the debate is still ongoing. This means, that discussions are likely to resume in a couple of months. The delay of the expected amendments might be caused by the public protests and resistance for this strongly debated topic. There were many campaigns leaded by the electronics industry to stop the plans to update the levy system.