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Aug 2010

SME or not?

On 23, Aug 2010 | In KuL-Blog since 2013, News @en | By KuL-Blog

ECHA pays specific attention to small and medium-sized companies.

In order to avoid potential barriers for SMEs when it comes to fulfilling their REACH obligations, ECHA offers support and navigation in order to help SMEs through the registration process. Auto-fill-in forms are planned by ECHA in order to enable SMEs to fill in REACH-IT web forms with one click.

Additionally, registration fees small and medium-sized enterprises are drastically reduced:

  • 90% reduction for micro-enterprises
  • 60% reduction for small enterprises and
  • 30% for medium sized enterprises

BUT does your enterprise really fulfill the criteria for a SME, based on the declaration of the European Union? (2003/361/EC)

ECHA helps to find out whether or not you qualify as a SME by an Electronic SME test.

False statement already given?

Enterprises that have already pre-registered as a SME and found out they were not according to the EU criteria, HAVE TO change their Status in REACH-IT before submitting a registration. Otherwise, administrator fees may be charged for making false statements.

If an enterprise has already registered a substance as a SME by mistake, it should do the following:

  1. Inform ECHA by filling the form at REACH-IT: Specific submission to ECHA
  2. Change the status in REACH-IT before submitting the next registration

Take the time to make use of the facilitating tools available and avoid unnecessary fees!