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Jul 2010

Profits for „early birds“

On 08, Jul 2010 | In KuL-Blog since 2013, News @en | By KuL-Blog

ECHA informs about advantages for early registrants for the first registration period.

Early Lead Registrants are privileged with regard to support from ECHA.
In order to promote early registrations and to avoid a last-minute rush, ECHA informs that early Lead Registrants’ requests will be addressed on a priority basis, if necessary by phone.

Due to the REACh regulation, dossiers submitted before 1 October 2010 will be checked on completeness within three weeks. Submitted so early, dossiers found incomplete after re-submission will even have the chance to be re-submitted again before the registration deadline  1 December 2010.

Dossiers submitted after 1 October will be checked for completeness and results communicated within three months after the end of the registration period, i.e. until 1 March 2011. In case of complaints, a second chance will be given within an appropriate time period, approximately four months. Dossiers still incomplete with the second chance will be denied. This means that the registration has failed. As a consequence, all manufacturing and import of the substance concerned after December 1, 2010, the end of the registration period, will then be regarded as illegal.

Therefore, early submission prevents companies from risking their business.