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Jan 2011

New challenges for the 2013 registration period

On 11, Jan 2011 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

The first registration period has ended December 1, 2010, and most of the substances manufactured or imported by a company in high tonnages, i.e. above 1.000 tonnes per year, have been registered. SIEFs were often lead and supported by big companies and the global players.

For the coming registration period in 2013 a lot of medium-sized and small companies have to fulfill their registration duties. For them, REACH obligations may be a huge challenge regarding the capacity of personal, expertise and financials.

A company not having made their registration experience with the first wave in 2010 will discover several difficulties on the way to a successful registration.

A larger number of registrants, missing experience and expertise from the Lead Registrant as well as the other SIEF members may protract and bloat the whole process. Experienced companies as well as competent authorities recommend to start with preparations for the 2013 registrations in early 2011 and to seeking help and support in time when discovering unforeseen questions and issues.