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Aug 2012

Energy Efficiency / Energy Labelling: LOCAL SPACE HEATERS in Consultation Forum

On 14, Aug 2012 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

After the pre-studies have been finalized, the working program for Local Space heaters (LSH), a combination of lot 15 (Solid fuel small combustion installations) and lot 20 (Local room heating products) is available. On September 20, 2012 a consultation forum will take place in Brussels in order to discuss the requirements for Eco-design and eco-labelling for those devices.

LSH means a space heating device that converts electricity, gaseous, liquid or solid fuels directly into heat in order to provide heating comfort in the space it is situated. This means that devices such as fan heaters as well as stoves are covered in this working program.

The working program provides the basic information and recommendations for an upcoming legislation. In cooperation with the regulatory committee, the implementing measure will be drafted and sent to the European Parliament for scrutiny.

After publication and coming into force, transition periods for manufacturers of products in the scope are granted in order to comply with the eco-design and eco-labelling requirements.