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Jun 2011

7 New candidate substances coming soon

On 14, Jun 2011 | In News @en | By KuL-Blog

The member state committee has unanimously agreed on 7 further substances to be added to the candidate list.

The expansion of the list will take place soon. After being published on the candidate list, the substances will activate obligations for manufacturers, importers and distributors of articles.

Substances in articles are subject to notification if the substance is contained in a concentration > 0,1 mass% and in a total > 1 ton /year AND if the exposure (including disposal) cannot be excluded and the substances has not been registered for this use already. This notification has to be submitted within 6 months after the substances were put on the candidate list.

Manufacturers, importers and distributors of articles have to inform their clients about candidate substances > 0,1mass% in an article. They have to indicate the name of the substance, and, if available, provide information on safe use. Consumers have to be informed only on request, cost-free and within 45 days.

There is still a dissenting opinion of some member states about the definition of an article. Find more information: http://echa.europa.eu/doc/sia/draft_guidance_req_sia.pdf