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Regulatory Monitoring: Copyright

Copyright levies: Monitoring legal regulations worldwide

Copyright levies for information and communication technology products are common in most EC countries and several other countries around the world. 1cc constantly checks the status of legal regulations and monitors international developments. This gives producers and distributors under obligation to pay these levies an overview of tariffs and framework conditions.


  • The frequent changes among copyright levies in Europe and elsewhere in the world illustrate just how important continuous monitoring in this area is. In the EC Member States alone, there are several hundred new tariffs, tariff increases, changed calculations and of course also reductions or abolishment of tariffs. 1cc continuously monitors and updates all data and enters it into its comprehensive database.

  • Besides monitoring tariffs, 1cc also follows up on negotiations conducted by companies and associations with the collecting agencies. The consulting services provided by 1cc when examining and analyzing information is comprehensive and independent. The central entry of all information is unique, there is no comparable data basis anywhere in Europe.

  • 1cc provides comprehensive information on all aspects of copyright levies and provides this information in country reports. Country reports contain information such as product definitions, tariffs and contact data, as well as further information on contract deductions, instructions, exceptions and special conditions. With this, even a multinational enterprise with an extensive product range will not lose sight of its copyright levies.