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Regulatory Monitoring: RoHS

RoHS Recast: Current developments in the restriction of substances in electrical and electronic equipment

The enforcement of the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS Recast) has resulted in a series of important changes: The scope of validity has been extended, the foundation for the inclusion of further substances laid and the process for exceptions has been closely linked with the processes of the REACH regulation. We support our customers in staying on top of all developments pertaining to the European RoHS Directive as well as comparable global legislation.


  • We inform you promptly and concisely of any new legislation pertaining to the restrictions of substances, exceptions as well as the latest discussions at national and international levels.

  • We will inform you, in line with your specific needs, on concrete requirements arising from new legislation for substance bans/restrictions, developments and their relevance in a certain country.

  • We provide regular information on the latest developments in current EU RoHS legislation and on national substance restrictions.