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Regulatory Monitoring: REACH

EU-REACH and chemicals legislation worldwide: Strong dynamics

Around the world, the use of chemical substances is subject to ever stricter regulations. In many cases, the EU Chemicals Regulation REACH serves as a foundation for this. Besides requirements for substances and mixtures, producers, processors and importers will be faced with more and more obligations concerning the substances in their products. 1cc supports its customers in staying on top of REACH and all relevant legislation on substances and mixtures.


  • We inform you promptly and concisely of any new legislation pertaining to REACH or national chemicals legislation, the extensions of lists for restriction and authorization as well as the latest discussions at national and international levels.

  • We will inform you, in line with your specific needs, on new chemicals legislation, developments and their relevance within a certain country.

  • We provide regular information on the latest developments pertaining to REACH and current chemicals legislation.