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Regulatory Monitoring: Packaging

Packaging and packaging waste: Producer responsibility for take-back and disposal

The German Packaging Directive in 1991 was the first body of rules to define the producer’s obligations for the take-back and disposal of packaging waste. Today, not only the EU has legislation in place governing packaging and packaging waste issues, but also other regions worldwide.

1cc supports you in staying on top of the many laws that dictate the treatment of packaging and packaging waste around the world. We analyze the legal obligations for producers and distributors and inform you on legal changes and new laws.



  • We inform you promptly and concisely of any new legislation pertaining to packaging and packaging waste as well as the latest changes in legislation.

  • We will inform you, in line with your specific needs, on concrete requirements arising from new legislation for packaging and packaging waste and their relevance within a certain country.

  • We provide regular information on the latest developments in current legislation pertaining to packaging and packaging waste.