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Management & Admin Services: WEEE

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE): Support in implementing legal obligations

Legislation for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) as well as their take-back is extremely complex and may vary from one country to the next. In order to comply with pertinent legislation, producers and distributors must fulfill numerous obligations. 1cc supports you, e.g. in registration, definition of take-back and recycling solutions, regular quantity reports, invoice verification as well as the clarification of specific issues. Not only do we offer our compliance services in Germany and the EU, we offer our services in all countries around the world that have e-waste legislation in place.


  • Depending on their location and sales model, producers and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries are obligated to register with the responsible public authorities in various countries. We take care of all necessary formalities to properly register you as a producer or distributor. According to your product portfolio and producer status we identify the applicable process steps, collect all necessary data, establish required documents and accompany the registration application until approval is granted.

  • We ensure your regular declarations are being submitted in time to the respective public authorities or compliance systems. Therefore we request the necessary data in due time, recheck on major deviations, and submit the reports as required by the respective public authorities or compliance systems. Through our proprietary 1cc Reporting Tool you can enter and access data in only one system independent from topic and country.

    Data management: To facilitate data preparation, we review and convert your raw data into the prescribed formats for final declarations. This includes the classification of all items into the proper categories and the identification of items not in scope.

  • We define the optimum take-back and recycling solution for your specific needs. Depending on your sales model, the type of products and the quantity put on the market, this may be an individual take-back solution as well as the participation in one or more collective take-back and recycling systems. A cost comparison is provided. Your individual needs and criteria are what is decisive for us.

    To setup the selected solution, we prepare the relevant forms and contractual documents for you, and take care of the necessary communication with the selected systems and partners.

  • We verify and approve your incoming invoices related to environmental compliance, e.g. from public authorities or take-back and recycling systems. We reconcile the invoiced amounts with the declared put on the market quantities and prices agreed upon, and manage adjustments, if necessary.

    To ensure timely payments and thus compliance, we also offer payment services for all invoices related to environmental compliance.

  • Due to our extensive network and language competence, we take care of all matters pertaining to environmental compliance directly with the relevant local contacts. We make sure that your questions are properly understood and competently answered.
  • Compared to the former German ElektroG, the new ElektroG foresees various changes and new obligations also for retailers and distance sellers. These modifications do not only include new collection requirements (0:1 and 1:1 take-back), but also registration, notification and information duties.

    Together with our sister company TechProtect, we offer a new and all-encompassing service for obliged distributors of electrical and electronic equipment which is based on our experience in WEEE consulting and logistics. Our modular service concept encompasses:

    • 0:1 and 1:1 Take-back and Logistics Solution
    • Notification of Collection Points with Stiftung ear
    • Compilation, Documentation and Declaration of Collected WEEE
    • Customer Information