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Management & Admin Services: Copyright

Copyright levies: Settling obligations

1cc supports companies in the fulfillment of their obligations pertaining to copyright levies. Depending on a business’s obligations as a producer, importer or distributor, we take care of registration, quantity reports and payments. In addition, 1cc offers support for issues concerning the calculation of copyright levies, for exemption applications and special provisions.


  • Depending on their location and sales model, producers and distributors of electronic products, such as mobile phones, computers or storage media are under obligation to report their sales figures to authorities in various countries. We support companies in matters pertaining to registration and quantity reports.

  • Copyright levies are not negligible amounts, they are often so high that they decisively affect a products’ pricing structure.  To take these levies into account in financial planning, companies must stay informed on tariff developments for copyright levies or changes in legislation. 1cc follows up and reports on such information.

  • In several countries, tariffing of copyright levies for a product can be based on up to nine different criteria. This complexity can lead to faulty invoices issued by collecting agencies. 1cc has the necessary specialist knowledge in the field of copyright levies to correctly classify each individual device and to support companies in verifying their invoices.