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Individual Consulting: Packaging

Packaging and packaging waste: Consulting and analysis of legal obligations

The legal requirements pertaining to packaging and packaging waste place a wide range of demands on producers and distributors of packaging or packaged products. 1cc analyzes national and regional legislation and supports companies in the implementation of their obligations. In addition, we support you in setting up an optimum compliance solution that caters to your specific framework conditions.


  • Within the framework of legal assessment, we analyze your individual legal obligations with regard to your packaging products and sales models. We provide recommendations as to how the obligations can be fulfilled in light of your respective business strategy. In this connection, we point out any existing scope for interpretation and advise you on potential alternatives.

  • We support you in setting up a compliance solution customized to meet the needs of your business or we analyze your existing solution. We reveal risks and potential weak spots and identify optimization potential. In doing so, we also identify cost saving potential, gaps in existing compliance solutions or cases of over-compliance.