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Individual Consulting: Copyright

Copyright levies: Analysis of obligations

Whether a business is affected by copyright levies depends on several factors, such as the products, distribution channels and a country’s specific legislation. It has to be determined, if and for what a company has to pay levies or may expect to do so in the future. 1cc GmbH determines this within the framework of its consulting services, taking individual prerequisites into account and assessing which obligations are in place, in which country and for which product.


  • The product range, sales model and further company-specific requirements are all factors that determine whether copyright levies have to be paid – or whether you are exempt. 1cc compares the general guidelines on copyright levies to the individual prerequisites of the company, which then reveals an organization’s concrete obligations.

  • The product definitions specified by public authorities are often formulated in an abstract fashion, are hard to understand or they might not correspond to the product description of the producer. The guidelines therefore do not necessarily clearly stipulate which tariff has to be paid for which product.  It is the company’s responsibility to find out which tariff is the proper one based on technical product descriptions on the one hand and legal definitions on the other hand. We will tell you whether your product is subject to a certain tariff in a certain country or whether it is exempt.

  • The determination of copyright levies is often very difficult for innovative products such as tablet PCs, e-book readers or Blu-ray discs, but also  for common products such as mobile phones with MP3 capability. Legislation can barely take into account the speed at which technological developments take place with regard to IT and CE products and are therefore largely lagging behind. This leads to rather vague product definitions in legal texts and therefore to uncertainty among providers. 1cc GmbH supports companies in the clarification of levy obligations for individual products in several countries.
  • In addition to assessing the current situation, pricing, delivery relations and in production, new tariff requirements and changes in formal framework conditions have to be taken into an account as early as possible. 1cc provides support with realtime alerts, which directly announce any changes or foreseeable developments.