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1cc GmbH has been actively participating in the market since 1996. The company went into business as a communication agency operating under the name Krug und Petersen GmbH. With the expansion of the company into the business fields Lobbying and Product Compliance, the business underwent restructuring in 2003, which resulted in 2006 in the two independent enterprises 1WEEE Services GmbH und K&L GmbH.
After many years of intense and successful collaboration, the two sister companies have now merged in 2013 to form 1cc GmbH, which is headquartered in Holzgerlingen near Böblingen.

  • Foundation:
    2013 (predecessor companies 1996 and 2006)

    Managing Directors:
    Ivan Blažek, Meike Ruoff


    Company headquarters:
    Holzgerlingen (near Böblingen)

    USA, China

    Areas of expertise:
    Consulting services, product compliance, registration (electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, REACH, copyright levies)

    Fields of activity:
    Electrical and electronic equipment/WEEE, batteries, packaging, chemicals/REACH, substance bans/RoHs, energy efficiency/ErP, copyright levies on electical and electronic equipment, trans-border waste transporation

    EMEA, North- and South America,  Asia-pacific region

  • The 1cc team consists of qualified consultants and lawyers, who support you comprehensively in all issues pertaining to waste and environmental legislation as well as in the field of copyright levies. Special language skills and specific knowledge of the individual countries and regions enable us to provide in-depth advice and clarification of special issues. Our consulting services range from research and analysis of relevant legislation, to the clarification of individual involvement and duties, to supporting the producer in meeting their obligations.