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Standards & Certification

Certifications: Demonstrating professionalism

Especially in the field of environmental protection, it is becoming ever more important for companies to verify professionalism and compliance on the basis certifications, a process which to some extent is also required by customers or public authorities.  1cc supports companies throughout the entire certification process, i.e. in the preparation of necessary documentation, the implementation within the operation, up to the process of external certification.


  • ISO 14001 is an international standard pursuant to which companies can certify their environmental management systems. ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard that requires regular internal and external audits. 1cc supports companies with the following:
    •    Gap analysis (of legal obligations and operating procedures)
    •    Preparation of the necessary documentation, e.g. upgrading procedures and checklists
    •    Implementation
    •    Employee training
    •    Preparation of external audits
  • Producers, non-profit organizations, industrial associations and even disposal service providers are interested in making the quality of disposal services measurable and comparable.  To this end, standards and certifications help in providing the customer with reliable information on the service features of certified disposal service providers.  1cc supports disposal service providers in attaining certification with the standard recycling standards e-Stewards©, R2 and WEEELABEX.
  • Depending on the type and size of an operation, there may be essential risks involved in the area of environmental protection work safety.  Companies should know these risks and also be able to initiate the respective measures to reduce them.  1cc helps companies identify their risks and reduces these risks by implementing an environmental management system.  We offer the following services:
    •    Development of environmental policy
    •    Development of target values and assessment of existing measures
    •    The implementation of programs
    •    Conformity in terms of legal obligations
    •    Support in obtaining certification pursuant to OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001