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Auditing: Examining environmental performance

Due to increasing requirements of environmentally related legislation, it makes good sense to check whether the products and processes of a company comply with respective requirements. For this, 1cc GmbH offers environmental audits for its customers. An environmental audit can detect potential weak spots based on which corrective measures can be initiated. 1cc is specialized in environmental audits in the following areas:

  • For producers
  • For recycling partners – examination in terms of proper disposal, technical procedures and environmental performance
  • Within the framework of takeovers

1cc environmental audits encompass the development of individual audit standard protocols, which are based on the legal obligations of the customer and form the basis of the evaluation. The data necessary for this can be collected on site on customer premises or the customer can make the respective data available to us. A finalizing report analyzes the current situation, reveals potential weak spots and provides recommendations for corrective measures. 1cc GmbH also supports the optimization process.